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1) OOC is not equal to IC. Please keep this in mind. Some of the nicest players can play the biggest assholes!

2) No god-moding or we'll mod your god right out of the game.

3) No mary sues, gary stus or other super powerful characters. This hampers not only potential development and growth you can have with the character but also the enjoyment other players will get to see in watching and being a part of helping your character grow.

4) Activity requirement: one thread and one other form of interaction a month. The second form of activity is completely up to the player! If this second form of activity is a narrative, journal entry or other it's welcome. We're open here! However, on the flip side the first failed AC, without previous mod contact or hiatus notice posted, will result in any characters that have not passed AC being removed from the game. If all of the players characters fail AC, the player will be removed from the game as well.

5) This comm is an original character only community. This means we will Not be allowing any canon characters in this game.

6) We allow any one player, when first joining the game, to start with up to three characters. If a player apps all three characters at game start and would like a fourth, they must prove that they can maintain activity with all three of their current characters for one activity check (1 month after the first three characters have been app'd) before being allowed to request a fourth hold. If a player chooses not to pick up the max character limit when first joining, they are allowed to pick up one character a week to the max of three before having to wait the additional time for more.

7) We are like a ball game, three strikes and you're out. This means that we understand people can make mistakes and as mods, we want to give every player the benefit of the doubt that their intentions are good. However, after three offenses we will be forced to ask you to leave the game due to keeping the peace and not any personal vendetta.

8) Here at Emillion, we believe that gaming should be fun and if fun is not being had, something is wrong. If you're having problems getting your character involved in things, or just not feeling something, we encourage you to speak with the mods or your fellow players so we can collaboratively attempt to help make this fun for you again. However, if it's just not working, we won't have any hard feelings if you feel this isn't the place for you or your character and encourage your well being and mental health as a player over you feeling like you have to stay.

9) COMMUNICATE! It is understood that everyone has a real life that sometimes becomes overwhelming but please understand that other players are depending on you for story lines. If you realize that real life problems may interfere with your gaming abilities announce that you need to take a break or hiatus in the Out Of Character Comm so that everyone who has interactions with your character or may have wanted to have some sort of interaction will be aware of your current situation. That way, your fellow players can plan for your absence and for when you'll be back!

10) Please understand [ profile] emillion is an adult community that will be broaching some very dark topics and we are very accepting of a wide range of social and lifestyle choices. We expect to have a wide variety of character types in the game. Some characters may be evil, mean, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc and these are all acceptable things for characters to be.

11) HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT~ If an application is rejected the mods would like to openly encourage you to try editing your application with the appropriate items edited and try resubmitting the application for consideration again. We're not here to tear your app apart; think of us as gatekeepers to assist with assuring everyone can play in this world and enjoy their time here.

12) The main point of this comm is to have fun in a collaborative writing process. Your character is to interact with and effect other players and the world around them. This means that any way or RP you can have fun with you are allowed to engage in.

13) Once a character has been accepted to [ profile] emillion, it is expected that the player will post an introduction for their character within one weeks time. If the player does not post within that time and does not communicate why they have not posted to the mods, the character(s) will be removed from the game.

14) Place all communication and social networking type posts into [ profile] emillionnet. This is for sake of ease when trying to track activity and for those times when a player may want to find an interaction but can’t recall precisely where it happened. Please, remember to tag your posts!

15) For the speediest, and most efficient use of the players, and mods, time the mods request that all questions regarding classes, world info, plot info, world/plot building, rules, and other questions that would fall into these categories, be sent to the mods email, or for a comment to be left in the dropbox of this journal. The mods collaborate on all matters in regards to this game and both have quick access to the mod docs at all times. Please, do not approach the mods on their personal accounts for questions in regards to mod duties. If you are uncertain if your question is a mod question or not, feel free to ask and the mod you are speaking with will let you know if it is a mod question, or not.

16) While we accept (and expect there to be) darker and adult themes, we do request that any posts that contain "adult content" be marked with appropriate warnings and put behind a cut. Along this same line, we also expect that InsaneJournal's ToS be respected.

Additionally! Don't forgot that on threads we would like to see the standard posting format before the cut:



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